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Diving regulators and octopus

As with the scuba vest and tank, the scuba regulator is an indispensable part of any diver''s equipment, as it connects to the scuba tank and is the one that will allow you to breathe underwater.

Why are diving regulators so important?

The diving regulator is considered one of the most important investments when purchasing diving equipment, since will be in charge of giving you the life support you will need underwater, so it is essential to keep it in excellent working order.

A poor quality or poorly maintained scuba oxygen regulator tends to leak more. That will cause the oxygen supply to deplete more quickly and, therefore, increase anxiety when diving. 

Types of diving regulators

There are 2 types of diving regulators:

1. Piston regulator

piston regulator it is stiffer and operates directly on the valve seat itself. 

2. Membrane regulator

In this case It has a much more elastic cover, which is located around the medium pressure chamber.

What should you look for when choosing your diving regulator?

There are a number of factors that you should take into account when buying a diving regulator:

1. The weight

Although it may seem that this section is not important, the reality is that it is, since it is an element that we carry in the mouth, being adjusted by the teeth, it must be light and with neutral buoyancy.

2. The connections

Keep in mind that the first stages have both cylinder pressure connections (HP) and intermediate pressure connections (LP). Depending on the model, it will have one number of connections or another. The most basic regulators have one HP outlet and several LP outlets..

3. Purge button

It is important to choose a regular model that has a button large enough and accessible to be used easily.

4. The mouthpiece

ideal is find the mouthpiece that best suits your mouth, for which there are various materials and forms.

5. The quality of the materials in general

Naturally, you have to verify the quality of the materials with which the regulator is made, since they must be materials resistant to salt water.

6. The size

Make sure that the regulator has the ideal dimensions and suitable for you in every way.

7. Indicators

Another key point to take into account are the indicators, since it is crucial that the numbers are clear and easy to read with the naked eye in order to control the pressure and oxygen level at all times.

How to test a diving regulator?

Here we recommend the checks you should do to test a diving regulator:
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1. It is recommended to lightly press the purge valve located on the front of the regulator to start a free flow. In case that the valve remains open, it is a sign of concern.
2. Put the mouthpiece of the regulator''s second stage directly into your mouth and take a slow breath. A) Yes, you will check if it is possible to inhale and exhale properly through the regulator.
3. Place the second stage of the regular in a bucket of water, this will allow check if bubbles come out of the possible cracks or holes that the system may have.

It is essential to carefully inspect the first and second stage in order to detect any possible cracks, corrosion, discoloration or salt accumulation. Subsequently, they go to visually check hoses to see if there is no damage to them. Similarly, it is recommended to breathe from the second stage to ensure that it maintains a vacuum.

Connect the regulator assembly directly to a scuba tank that is filled with air. Then proceed to slowly open the valve and pay attention to any hissing sounds that may be generated. With that, we check for any leaks in the system.

The parts of a diving regulator

Among the diving regulator parts are:

- First stage diving regulator

This is connects directly to scuba tank valve, reducing the air pressure in the tank to an intermediate pressure to later direct it to several hoses.

- Second stage diving regulator

This would be the mouthpiece with which you breathe. It is also known as a demand valve, since it gives air when you need it at an adequate pressure so that you can breathe comfortably.

- Alternative air source or octopus

This is one replacement mouthpiece It provides an easy way to share air in an emergency.

- Low pressure BCD inflator

This is connected to the first stage by means of a low pressure hose. So if you use a dry suit, you will need to connect another inflation hose.

- SPG (submersible pressure gauge)

This will be connected to a high pressure port of the first stage, whose function is to detect how much air pressure is left in the tank.

- Connection

Regulators connect directly to cylinder valves via a DIN or YOKE system.

Final tips for choosing your diving oxygen regulator

If you want to buy a diving regulator, we recommend you follow these tips:

1. If you want to save some money, it is best to look for complete sets.
2. It is best to try to buy the best scuba regulator you can afford based on your budget.
3. Before choosing any regulator, think carefully about the type of diving you want to practice in the future.
4. Avoid buying a second hand scuba regulator as you won''t know what you''re buying.

Maintenance of a regulator and octopus for scuba diving

It is important to note that a scuba oxygen regulator requires periodic maintenance, which implies an extra cost. This should be done, as a general rule, at least once a year, although it also depends on how often you dive.

Normally, the higher quality the regulator, the more complex its design and the more expensive its maintenance. As usual The maintenance service for a diving regulator is usually between €60 and €100.

What brands of regulators and octopus do we have at Scubatic?

At Scubatic we offer you the best brands in the diving regulator market at surprising prices, among which we highlight:

- Cressi

With this BRAND you''ll find products designed and manufactured in Italy using the most modern techniques, tools and machinery of the moment, so you will find high quality equipment. They offer a wide variety of items for various water activities such as fishing, snorkeling, diving, and swimming.

- Seas

The items in this BRAND They are characterized by having a unique, modern, innovative design and materials of the highest quality From the market. They are made to be durable, which ensures that you acquire a resistant product, being the best allies for various water sports. 

Buy diving regulator at the best price

On SCUBATIC you can buy a diving regulator at the best price. In addition, we have the best brands on the market, where we are sure that you will find a model that suits your needs.

Get your diving regulator and enjoy exploring the depths of the seabed!

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