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BCD diving vests

The diving vest is one of the fundamental pieces of equipment for any diver, since, in addition to serve as a union for the rest of the components, fulfills a basic function in the safety and comfort underwater. 

That''s why it''s so important to take your time when choosing a diving vest, as there is now a wide variety of designs and models on the market for different uses.

Types of diving vests

There are different types of diving vests:

- Conventional vest

This is the vest most often used in recreational diving. The peculiarity of this model is that combines the inflation of the back with that of the front to give the user what would be a kind of “bear hug”. This offers better buoyancy and balance when on the surface.

- Wing Vest

is the most used vest among professional divers, in addition to the fact that it is also often used to dive with bottles double. Its peculiarity is that inflates only from the back. The wing vest offers a lot of comfort because you hardly notice that you are wearing it while diving.

- Hybrid vest

This vest, as its name suggests, is a combination of the other two mentioned above. Inflates 3/4 in the back and 1/4 in the sides.

What should you look for when choosing your diving vest?

When choosing a BCD diving jacket it is important to consider several aspects:

1. The diving style

It''s important to have on mind the style of diving you do more often and of course your level of experience, to know which one suits you best:
- If you are inexperienced, the best is a conventional vest.
- If you prefer a technical dive or want to use more than one cylinder, it is best to opt for a wings vest.

2. The Fit

Other key points is to ensure that the fit of the vest is perfect to have an adequate hydrodynamic position under water.

For that, you not only have to be aware of the SIZE, but also from MODEL, the kind of shooter and of the Clips. It is quite likely that the size of the vest you need (S, M, L, XL) will be according to the size of the shirt you wear, however, it never hurts to check the measurements given by the manufacturers.

3. Comfort

Obviously, the issue of comfort is also very relevant, since you will spend a lot of time with the vest on both in and out of the water. That is why you have to pay attention to the type of padding it has on the back and shoulders, because it is where the entire weight of the bottle rests.

4. Integrated weights or ballasts

One of the most recommended options is that the vest have pockets for weights, although that depends on the personal preferences of each one. That way, too much weight on the belt is avoided, thus improving the position and stability under water.

5. Floating capacity

Every diving jacket has a certain buoyancy capacity that, in general, it is expressed in liters and usually indicates the maximum bottle size that it can support and for which it is designed.

How to test a diving vest?

To test a diving jacket correctly it is recommended do it over the wetsuit you use most often. In case you cannot do it, it is recommended to make sure you have a margin of adjustment.

Among the points to take into account so that your vest has an ideal fit, we highlight:

1. Abdominal tightening

One has to ensure that the abdominal velcro makes contact in its entirety. It should neither be at the limit nor be excessive, since this closure is in charge of keeping the vest close to the body.

2. Shoulder fit

ideal is that the shoulder straps can be adjusted to half their length. That way, we make sure we have enough space regardless of what suit you''re wearing. If they have to be adjusted completely, the vest is most likely too big.

3. Vest inflation

It is recommended to inflate the vest fully to ensure that it is comfortable even when fully inflated, without pressing too much.

4. Check pockets and rings

It is important to make sure that all pockets and rings are in one place for easy access. Keep in mind that underwater it is necessary to find any accessory easily and quickly.

The components of a diving vest

Among the components of a BCD diving vest we can find:

- Bladder

This is the part that inflates and contains the gas. It is located inside and in some vest models it can be removed.

- Inflator

This is where the low pressure hose connects. It allows inflate and deflate the vest by means of two buttons.

- Purge valves

These allow deflate the vest much faster than with the inflator.

- trachea

this item joins the bladder and the inflator. In some vests it allows deflating them by pulling on it.

- Abdominal Velcro

Is he responsible for keeping the vest close to the body.

- Adjustable straps or clips

serve for fit the vest very well to the body. There are usually three (in the chest, shoulders, and abdomen).

- pockets

Are for store various accessoriesThey are usually large and closed with zippers.

- Integrated weights

can be carry weights or weights in the vest and have the advantage of being able to release them quickly if necessary.

- Trellis

This is the rigid part that serves as a frame, it is usually protected behind padding.

- Bottle strap or cinch

As expected, it works for hold the bottle firmly To the back.

- Security strip

This strip allows keep the bottle in place in case it slips off the main strap.

- Low pressure hose

Connects to regulator to be able to inflate the vest with the gas from the bottle. Normally, it is included with the vest.

- Rings for accessories

As the name suggests, they are used to hook accessories by clips.

Final tips for choosing your diving vest

The main tips are:

1. The main thing when choosing a vest is to make sure that it provides good comfort and fit.. Although all the other points are also important, there is nothing more unpleasant than wearing a diving jacket that is not your size or with which you are uncomfortable.

two. Be sure to check which accessories you will use most often when choosing your vest. You must find a way to carry them comfortably in the vest.

3. If you need a lot of weights when diving, look for a model that has integrated weights. This way you can distribute the weights, which will give you better stability under water.

What brands of diving vests do we have at Scubatic?

At Scubatic we offer you the best brands on the market at amazing prices, among which are:

- Cressi

brand offering PRODUCTS designed and manufactured in Italy, using the most modern techniques, tools and machinery of the moment. It offers a wide variety of articles for sports such as diving, fishing, snorkeling and swimming.

- Seas

The products of this BRAND they have a unique design and manufacturing with the highest quality materials. They are made to be durable, thus becoming the best allies for water sports. 

-Seac Sub

Seac Sub It has a varied catalog of products of the highest quality, intended for water sports such as diving, snorkeling, apnea and swimming. They have innovative equipment that you won''t see anywhere else.

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