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Manometers  and dive consoles

All diving equipment is made up of various diving accessories that are essential to make the necessary measurements to achieve a safe and pleasant experience.

Therefore, during the training of any diver, they are taught to work with measuring instruments that are essential, as is the case with diving consoles and manometers.

What are diving pressure gauges used for?

Scuba diving pressure gauges are used to indicate the remaining oxygen pressure in the scuba tank, in addition to  used during diving to check the amount of air available.

The scuba pressure gauge is connected via a high pressure hose to the first stage of the scuba tank.

What are diving consoles used for?

A diving console has a very defined use, which consists of check the level of oxygen that is in the scuba tank by means of a manometer in “bar”, in “psi” or in a depth gauge.

What to consider for pressure gauges or diving consoles?

To choose a high-quality and safe dive-assisted manometer or console for diving,  you should consider:

- Legibility

It is important that both the pressure gauge and the dive consoles be able to read without any problem. The best models have a graduated scale to specifically know the psi/bar.

They often have a color pattern for security levels, to indicate when we are approaching the reserve, ie 50 bars.

- Components

It must be taken into account that both the connectors, the screen, the pressure gauge hoses and the diving console are of resistant and very hard materials.

Having a tempered glass cover and not plastic will help to better visualize the data they provide us. Similarly, it is preferable to opt for chrome connections and hoses that are resistant to salt water.

- Portability

It is advisable purchase a dive console or pressure gauge that can be properly attached, without being excessively large, tangling or hanging in an unsafe way.

In this way you can have easy and quick access to the measurement, with the advantage of protecting it from any contact with the marine environment.

- Design

There is a wide variety of designs and models, classic or innovative, but regardless of the model of console or dive pressure gauge you are looking for, it is important that you stay true to your style, and you base yourself on the choice for functionality.

- Price

In any field, the price is an important parameter to take into account. In this sense, the most recommended is to buy the best equipment you can afford.

However, this does not always mean that more expensive is better. Also, you must remember that diving equipment is not bought for a season, but thinking in the long term.

Types of manometer and diving consoles

The types of pressure gauges for scuba diving they differ based on the manufacture of the regulator and, above all, on its control element; it is the one that reacts to changes in pressure and opens the entire reduction system of the first stage of the regulator.

Among the types of diving pressure gauges we find:

- Pressure gauge with piston regulator

This type of diving pressure gauge Easily regulates average pressure, plus has excellent protection against extreme freezing.

It should be noted that its construction is more complicated and may suffer deregulation due to low temperatures.

- Manometer with membrane regulator

Diving manometers with diaphragm regulator they have a much simpler design, in addition to fewer elements.

On the other hand, they do not have good protection against extreme freezing, making it difficult to regulate the medium pressure.

Among the main types of diving consoles we highlight:

- Wrist diving console

This is the most popular type of console today, because it has a wrist style, lightweight and very easy to read. In addition, being on the wrist you can easily visualize it underwater.

- Clock diving console

It is perfect for holidays and entertainment events, as can be used as a normal watch when we are out of the water, in addition to using it while diving.

It has the vast majority of the functions of other dive consoles, but tends to be more expensive due to its double function.

- Console model

This type of diving console replaces current pressure and depth gauges, and is attached via a hose directly to your regulators. 

However, they are often less convenient during a dive, although this does not prevent them from being useful for monitoring oxygen levels, depth and safety.

Diving Pressure Gauge Care

In order for every diving pressure gauge to fulfill its purpose and help us return to the mainland healthy, it is essential that they are in perfect condition at all times.

In addition, if you want it to have a long useful life, you should:

- Fresh water cleaning: It''s very important rinse the scuba pressure gauge with plenty of fresh water after each dive, as salt is highly corrosive and can cause significant deterioration of all gauge components.

- Perform reviews at least once a year by a specialized technician.

Diving console prices

Since our inception we have focused on providing the highest quality products at prices you won''t see anywhere else.

With us you will find pressure gauges and diving consoles from €21 to €192.

What brands of pressure gauge and dive consoles do we have at Scubatic?

On SCUBATIC We know how important it is to have high-quality diving equipment, which is why we offer you the best brands of pressure gauges and consoles:


SEAC is a company that since the 90s has been dedicated to the manufacture of very high quality diving equipment, with first class finishes and at affordable prices.

- Cressi

Since 1946, Cressi It has positioned itself as one of the best diving equipment brands in all of Spain for having top quality products at very affordable prices compared to other brands.

- Seas

seas Since its inception, it has innovated in the manufacture of diving equipment, being recognized for offering products with innovative technologies and first-class finishes.

Offers in diving manometers

On SCUBATIC we are recognized throughout Spain for having a wide catalog of pressure gauges and diving consoles of the best brands, of incredible quality and with the best prices in online commerce. 

Do you know our offers of diving pressure gauges? Don''t let them escape!

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MARES Diving pressure gauge console MISSION 1 414417INTMARES Diving pressure gauge console MISSION 1 414417INT
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